Filing for bankruptcy is serious. It can harm your ability to get loans, can damage your credit score, and can cause a number of other issues, as well. But you do not have to deal with this alone. There are ways to reduce the damage, and there are ways we can help you have freedom from debt once again.

Whether you decide to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you want to be able to make an informed decision. That is where proper legal representation can make all the difference.


Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection eliminates debt. When this type of bankruptcy is filed and processed through the court system, the debts that are written off are no longer your responsibility. That stops collection companies and other entities from pursuing you in an effort to collect the debt. But there are certain types of debts, such as student loans, that usually cannot be included in this type of bankruptcy.

Chapter 13

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, you agree to pay your debt. But you are asking for a restructuring of the debt so you can find the means to pay it off. This can include asking creditors to forgive or write off some of your debt, adjust your interest rate, and give you more time to pay.

With strong legal representation and an advocate on your side, you have a better opportunity to negotiate good terms with your creditors for this type of bankruptcy.

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