Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Planning for your financial future also means planning for what will happen when you are no longer here. That way your heirs are taken care of, and you can have peace of mind as you get older. We handle financial planning in the form of wills, trusts, transfer on death provisions, and survivorship deeds and affidavits, so you can plan out how you want your estate to be handled after your death. No matter your age or financial situation, having your financial planning documents in order can be a great way for you to move forward.


Wills are commonly used to make sure you can designate where you want your belongings to go after you pass away. In a lot of cases, people give everything to their spouse or their children. Even doing that is easier with a will, but wills are especially important if you have other people you want to give things to. You can clearly spell out what you have and who is supposed to receive it after your death, so there is no risk of something being given to a person it was not meant for. Everything can be distributed properly with a will.


Trusts are designed to protect people in your family by giving them financial help. This can be something that is set up to take effect after you pass away, or while you are still living. Trusts are often for people who are under 18 or who have mental health or mental ability concerns, but they can be set up in other circumstances, as well. This can help you feel secure about the financial implications of what you are offering, so the person you are giving money to does not spend it frivolously or too quickly.

Survivorship Deeds and Affidavit

We can also help you with survivorship issues, in order to make sure you are giving ownership of property to the right person after your passing. With a right of survivorship, property will pass from you to the person you have named, regardless of their relationship to you. This can help when you want to own property with someone who would not typically inherit it. It is also a good way to clearly spell out your intentions, and can reduce the challenges to wills that can sometimes appear.

Transfer on Death Provisions

Knowing that certain property will transfer to another person automatically on death is a good way to have more peace of mind. While many states give certain property to a spouse or children automatically, that is not always the case. You want to make sure the property you intend to transfer goes to the right person, no matter who that may be. We can help you set up these kinds of provisions, so specific property will be properly transferred at your passing no matter who it is intended for.

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