Offers in Compromise

Offers in compromise can help you reduce debt you owe and get it paid off so you can move on with your life. That can help restore your credit, and can also get liens removed and reduce tax burdens. We are here and ready to help with your offer in compromise needs.

Offers In Compromise

Internal Revenue Service

The IRS is very serious about making sure people pay their taxes. If you owe a significant amount to the IRS and are having trouble paying it, an offer in compromise may be the right choice. We can help you negotiate with the IRS to get a fair agreement you can pay off and one that they will accept.

State of Ohio

Like the IRS, the State of Ohio also expects you to pay your fair share of taxes. If you have gotten behind on doing so, we can work with you for an offer in compromise. That way the state accepts what you can pay, and you can put the worries about state tax debt behind you.

Creditors and Lien Removals

By getting a creditor or a lienholder to agree to an offer in compromise, you have the potential to get out of debt or get a lien removed from your property. Not only does that offer you more peace of mind, but it is also highly valuable to your financial future.

If you need an attorney that works with offers in compromise and serving Ashland, Crawford, Morrow, and Richland Counties in Ohio, contact Debbie Mack today to get the help you need.